Just like any beauty salon, we also like to offer services where your dog doesn't have to have a full groom. You can bring your dog in just for a bath or a face trim.

We only use quality products that are PH balanced for dogs and suitable for all different coats and skin types. Please feel free to bring any products prescribed by your vet as we are happy to use them in the grooming process.

We groom dogs of all breeds and coat conditions from our Cheltenham grooming salon.

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch.

Tina's Top To Tails mascot dog
Dog grooming scissors and electric trimmer


Start having your dog clipped as early as possible, even as a puppy. Getting an older dog used to the clipper is much more difficult. Scissors are ideal to use for finishing and sculpting the body after it has been clipped.

Dog nail cutters


It is important for your dog's nails to be maintained by making sure they are clipped. If they are left to grow it can also lead to more serious affects such as the nail growing into the pads giving your dog unnecessary pain.

Dog hand stripping tool


This is part of the process that needs to be done when your dog is a puppy, otherwise this is not recommended because it will affect the way your dogs coat will grow back. Hand stripping is pulling the dead hair out of the coat on a non-shredding dog.

Various selection of dog shampoo products


Washing your dog can be a wonderful bonding experience but it is also a practical necessity for our sometimes smelly four-legged family member. Shampoo treatments will allow your dogs coat to look beautiful and smell fresh. It benefits your dog in many ways, from feeling relaxed and boosting their confidence - a very important part of your dogs well being.

Dog ear cleaning solution and scissors


Most dogs will come to like their ears being cleaned as long as they feel comfortable. This is the place that dogs can't scratch themselves, so most will absolutely love this part of the grooming process. With lots of treats and encouragement ear cleaning can become a part of your regular hygiene routine.